Our team captain, Alex Provost, had a nasty mountain bike accident a few days before the race and took the very wise decision of not racing this week end. It will then be JY Dionne and I.
It is getting hot in Quebec. The temperature jumped from pretty cold to fairly hot in a couple of weeks and our bodies are still adjusting but it's nice.
We left early from Ottawa and after a two hours drive got to Morin Heights where the race took place.
It is very hot but I am not too worried, the warm never bothered me too much before (except for the 40 degree heat in California but here it's below the 30 degrees so I should be just fine).
After registration and race briefing we got the maps...we would be number 20 for this race!

10am, the race begins. They had to change the course a couple of days prior to the race because of too much snow remaining on some of the trails and in the bush so the race would be a lot more running than bush walking which shouldn't be a disadvantage usually for me but we would see...
The first hour went pretty smoothly, JY was navigating very well and I was following pretty ok, lots of running on the streets.

We attempted to shortcut through a little patch of bush that wasn't very pleasant at one stage and decided to keep on the roads and trails as much as we could from there on.
By the end of the second hour I wasn't feeling great anymore. I had finished my water for a while and was feeling super thirsty. I am usually like a camel, so it was not usual for me to bunk like this cause of water, especially since I had drunk about a liter or more already. I am not moving fast at all and feeling heavier and heavier as we move. Thankfully we met some people outside of their house who let us take some water from the hose in the garden. I reckon I drank about a liter straight before i filled my bottle...
About twenty minutes or so after I was back in the game. JY was itching to go faster and was already towing me anytime he could which was pretty awesome.
Little by little we progressed on our course and had to drop some points here, some points there because the time was flying by.

Towards the end of the race it was becoming necessary to re-assess our route. I thought it would be better to go for a CP that afterall we shouldn't have gone for :/. We should have probably gone for one a little further which worthed more points...My bad :/.
We ended up 3rd CO-ED duo, 6th overall..and since the two first CO-ED team were Masters we officially are 1st CO-ED "open" :)
JY did an awesome job at navigating and towing....looking forward to race with the whole team soon.
All the pictures above were taken by Alex who followed us closely all along the race :)


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